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Knowing apple they will use the most cutting edge technology and design. But I bet they would produce expensive hardware, and frankly Im very reluctant to spend over 300 for a game console. And I dont think they will sell it that cheap if the can sell an iPOD touch for 400 And knowing apple, they will dictate how gamers should purchase, play and share there games.

Everything will be tied to an account and everything you do controlled. When I go to a friends house I like to take my games and apple will probably put me in jail for "Sharing" "MY" games with em.

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Acrobat 8 Windows 10

From Adobe, the leader in secure digital documents for over 20 years. The created PDFs are high-quality and provide exceptional visual fidelity. They are well tagged for accessibility. They also include link recognition, so that hyperlinks, internal document links, and tables of contents are created as live links. Easily copy highlighted text: Copying highlighted text is now easy using the right-click menu.

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