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Because of this, Flash Builder 4. The latest version now includes support for building mobile applications as well as many developer productivity features. This Refcard outlines how to use Flash Builder 4. Getting Adobe Flash Builder 4. The downloaded file is an installer. For Windows, simply run the downloaded file.

Prior to installing, uninstall any prerelease versions of Flash Builder or Flash Builder / or Flash Builder for PHP / Insert the DVD in your drive, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. If the installer does not launch automatically. I tried firts and I did an example with PHP and MYSQL connection and it works on desktop but not in my iphone when it is was compiled, so that I look for Flash Builder for PHP to fix the problem but it looks much more dificult. So, Wich is the best choise if I want to develop apps working with php pages located on my server? Thanks. Can anybody share the link for Flash builder , 64 bit version. because of some Graphs issues I cannot use Flex and flash builder don't support the design view. I tried the Adobe official site but FB is available. Thanks.

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