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After the release of Photoshop CS5 and Extended version of Photoshop CS5, users were crazy about the features this application was offering. The Extended and normal version of Photoshop CS5 is very heavy and require high-end computers and graphics cards to properly run. But no worries! The Portable version of Photoshop CS5 got all this covered. In this version of Photoshop, you can get all the features, tools and effects that are available in the Extended and normal version.

In this version, you will get all breakthrough features like content-aware fill, raw image processing, automatic lens correction, new painting options and colors, HDR image processing and much more. The creative workflow offer by Portable Photoshop CS5 is amazing. You can create 2D and 3D designs in this version with all the 2d and 3d effects.

Texturing is also included for game designers and other creative artists. All the features from the Photoshop CS5 Extended version are available in lightweight. Performance of the application is enhanced and now runs faster and efficiently. Creation of projects and other image editing process is much faster as compared to the heavy version of Photoshop CS5.

You can feel the difference between the performance of Portable version and normal version of Photoshop CS5. All the tools and features load up much faster than before. The familiarity of the Portable version is all because of the lightweight features and enhanced performance.

You can learn about the application and the tools provided by Photoshop. The Welcome Screen gives you the opportunity to learn from documentation and video tutorials. Photoshop CS5 offers a variety of video tutorials from hundred of Photoshop experts around the world. Online video tutorials and documentation are available for you to learn from. You can feel the difference in the interface and how fast it performs an action.

Every tool and feature is easy to spot. Options for all the panel are updated and now work more smartly than before. Every panel gives you the options that are most suitable for your current project and what you are working on. When you are working with 2d objects, the panels will get updated automatically and present you with 2d options.

On the other hand, if you want to work with 3d objects, again the panels will get updated and present you with 3d options. These selection tools are very smart in selecting the desired areas of the image and give you captivating images results. The new selection tools work intelligently and select only those areas which you intend to select. The new selection technology is much more accurate in selecting the subjects and extracting them from other objects in the composition.

You can select precisely even the finest details in your images like your hairs and other small details. The selection tools work according to the color tone and select all the edges clearly. Changing the background color is now possible because of the smart selection tools.

Content-Aware Fill The new content-aware tool is very helpful in removing an object from an image. The feature is also introduced to the Portable version of Photoshop CS5.

It removes an image element and fills that area with all the details light, color, tone, and noise, etc. This is a long-awaited feature made available in Photoshop. You can now remove anything from your image without anyone noticing that the image has been Photoshopped.

Content-Aware setting with the Spot Healing brush changes the way the feature works and content fill areas of the image. You can remove any unwanted piece of image and fill it with something else from the surrounding environment.

All New Painting Effects All new brushes and brush tips are available in the Portable version of Photoshop for getting the desired painting results. Painting on a real canvas is not a dream now but a reality. This Portable version of Photoshop CS5 brings you the opportunity to paint on a real canvas with real effects. Rotate the canvas at any orientation and get your painting the way you want to do it.

With the new Mixer Brush, Bristle Tips and new color blending technology you can paint seamlessly. You can now take advantage of the new extra-ordinary painting color, and effects. Painting realistic paints is not a dream anymore, Photoshop CS5 makes it a reality.

These heavy features are now available in light version and give you the same results that you would get using Photoshop CS5 Extended and the normal version. Create your custom 3d materials or you can use the presets available to you in the Portable version.

You can add textures and materials to your design to make your design outstanding. Visit the 3d library for materials and designs to check out more. Within a few clicks and with the help of materials you can change the whole look of your design. With the new Adobe Ray Tracer engine, you can render all of the fine details.

You can use the new 3d engine for best 3d performance. The OpenGL engine is enhanced for more faster performance and previews.

The overall performance of the workflow is enhanced to get better and quick results. Merging multiple scenes is not a problem anymore. In the Preferences, there is a 3D section present for fine-tuning and adjustments of 3d performance.


Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended - Quick Run Through of New Features

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