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After that, OSE BuzzStream are the next best additions to our toolset. Personally, I find the following three tools to be the most important and potentially invaluable in terms of my day to day activities and "tools for your offsite link building campaigns": Open Site Explorer There is really no need to explain in detail why and how we utilise OSE, but mainly the ability to download and manipulate backlink profiles for both clients and competitors is quick and simple.

Ahrefs I have found Ahrefs to be a great secondary tool, which provides a lot of data, which is easily accessible, which otherwise would involve hours of work when using OSE. For example, anchor text distribution graphs are automatically created and require no additional work when entering a URL into Ahrefs.

Google Webmaster Tools Although not necessarily within the "tools for your offsite link building campaigns", it has to be one of the main tools I use day-to-day.

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Adobe Premiere Elements REVIEW! Best Starting Editor for Videos (Creators)?

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