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Packed with an array of creative toolsets for 3D animation and character animation, this comprehensive entertainment suite is designed exclusively for graphic professionals, animators, designers or illustrators.

The ultimate Autodesk Entertainment Suite comes with the comprehensive end-to-end creation soultion for enhanced creative opportunities in the the 3D entertainment industry. Get going with this full-featured 3D animation software that enables you to animate in real time and share data in a single step. Take your animation skills a notch higher with the latest Autodesk Entertainment Suite.

You can buy Autodesk Entertainment Suite at the most affordable subscription charge along with 1 year Autodesk India license only at Snapdeal. Autodesk Maya Equipped with the latest artist-friendly tools, Autodesk Maya is the world-class comprehensive 3D animation software. Loaded with features such as Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform, open subdiv libraries, Geodesic voxel binding makes it highly acclaimed in the world of VFX.

Autodesk Maya offers new and exciting toolsets for 3D computer animation, modelling, simulation and rendering. Expand your creative instincts to the fullest with the powerful industry-leading 3D animation softwares included in the Autodesk Entertainment Suite.

Following are few of the key features of Autodesk Maya XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator Are you fascinated by the ground breaking 3D animation technology incorporated in the animated movies?

With this advanced feature you can create and add different hair styles, fur, feathers to the animated characters, populate large landscape with grass, rocks, trees, etc. Additionally, the artists can easily preview the rendered effect in the Maya Viewport 2. Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform Bifrost procedural effects platform is an advanced platform that simplifies complex liquid simulation and photorealistic rendering tasks. The result generated can be previewed on the highly efficient Viewport 2.

Autodesk Entertainment Suite enables you to fully define your creative skills through awe-inspiring models and characters. OpenSubdiv Library Artists engaged in film and game production will certainly adore this amazing feature introduced by Autodesk Maya.

The opensubdiv is a open source library by Pixar and comes with a new feature to represent subdivision surfaces. It allows you to take the support of both parallel CPU and GPU architectures for a high speed performance for deforming subdivs. Artists can now view high resolution versions of the animated characters using the subdivision surface technology.

This highly innovative skinning method is used to create high quality images in only few clicks. This advanced technology can easily handle complex geometry that may contain intersecting triangles, non-manifold, non-watertight, comprised of multiple connected components. Shader network is created connecting different nodes together using the intuitive click-drag workflow and the outcome can be viewed in real time in Viewport 2. Autodesk 3ds Max is a high-performance 3D modelling, animation and rendering software that comes with host of features that are highly demanded by film, games and motion graphic artists.

The advanced features like point cloud support, python scripting, enhanced scene management enables you to create more precise real-world models. This is an indispensable animation, rendering and modelling software toolset that enables you to maximize your creative potential and meet your target deadlines easily.

Following are some of the new features added in the new Autodesk 3DS Max Point Cloud Support Autodesk 3DS Max in the Autodesk Entertainment Suite comes along with point cloud support mechanism that enables you to create more precise models from real world references. The users can import and visualize large datasets from reality as point clouds and view them in true colours in the 3ds Max viewport. It supports both. Python Scripting Extend and customize the Autodesk 3Ds design software with the python scripting language support.

The artist can easily view the lighting effects, the effect of change in the material etc. Enhanced Scene Management Dealing with the highly complex scenes was never so easy before! Thanks to the enhanced scene management feature offered by Autodesk 3ds Max.

The scene explorer feature is enhanced with a new new nested layer functionality feature that provides support for docking and workspaces and easily customizable quad menus for quick data organizing. With the enhanced scene management feature you can easily navigate, inspect and modify the properties of objects in a scene. Accelerated Viewport Performance Enjoy improved navigation, selection and viewport texture baking with the accelerated viewport performance of the Autodesk 3ds Max software suit.

It enables you to easily communicate with your scenes or objects smoothly at virtually real time response without any time lag. ShaderFX The ShaderFX by Autodesk 3ds max is a real time shader editor that enables you to design advanced viewport shaders by connecting different shading nodes through an intuitive click-drag workflow.

It enables you to select floating point values, mathematical operations, normal maps etc. Autodesk Softimage The Autodesk Softimage enables you to efficiently handle the increasingly complex data sets and highly detailed assets.

This powerful character animation software is power-packed with advanced creative tools that are extremely beneficial for 3D game development and visual effects. Features like Alembic caching, ICE enhancement and access to unexposed mental ray functionality enables you to easily tackle the complex and detailed data sets. Some of the key features of this excellent software included in the Autodesk Entertainment Suite are: Alembic caching With the new Alembic caching feature you can read as well as write the Alembic open computer graphics interchange framework format.

Apply this amazing feature to transfer assets between various stages of your production pipeline for a smoother and interactive workflow. ICE Performance and Usability Enhancements Create exceptional large-scale procedural effects in a flash with the enhanced performance and memory usage of the ICE Interactive creative environment. Offline editing and muting is done at great responsiveness while editing ICE trees. A number of workflow improvements in the ICE editor make it faster and easier to operate complex datasets.

You can smoothly drive the movements and behaviours of your animated characters and scene elements using the flexibility of ICE. Support for Mental Ray Progressive Rendering Take the complete advantage of the progressive rendering feature of the Autodesk Softimage During the Mental ray progressive rendering process the complete image is first rendered at a lower quality and then refined further through a step by step process.

This special feature facilitates you to quickly fine-tune shaders and lightning without waiting for the full-quality render. Animated Weight Maps in Syflex Cloth The Autodesk SoftImage enables the artists and technical directors to use a sequence of maps to influence various attributes for more realistic and sophisticated stimulation.

Autodesk Entertainment Suite is a one stop solution for your entire animation and other related requirements. Autodesk Mudbox Autodesk Entertainment Suite comes with yet another excellent digital painting and sculpting software toolsets. Autodesk Mudbox enables you to create stunning production-ready 3D digital artwork with detailed props, compelling concept design and engaging environment at relatively less time. This high performance software has an enhanced support from real-world production workflows.

Features like symmetery options for retopology, efficient layer grouping, caliper tool for proportional measurement makes it the most sought after professional digital sculpting and painting software. Following are few of the advanced features incorporated in the Autodesk Mudbox for fast, smooth and accurate results.

New symmetry options The new symmetry option enables you to enforce topologically symmetrical results when retopologizing meshes. The existing meshes can also be easily made symmetrical with a new make symmetrical tool. You can also retain both topological symmetry and spatial asymmetry based on the source topology.

Sculpt Layer and Paint Layer groups This excellent feature enables you to organize sculpt layers and paint layers into layer groups. The sculpt layer and paint layer groups makes it easier to quickly identify the particular layers in a complex scene. Enhanced Texture Export and Updating With the enhanced texture export and updating function you can set separate export paths for different channels and paint layers. This feature reduces manual linking and offers greater flexibility for iterative painting workflows within custom or propriety pipeline.

New Caliper Tool The new Caliper Tool enables you to find out the distance between two points on a model. It helps you to maintain appropriate proportion during the sculpting process for more realistic results. Take the advantage of a wider range of hardware with Autodesk Entertainment Suite.

Autodesk MotionBuilder is 3D character animation software that enables you to capture, edit and playback complex character animation in a highly responsive interactive environment.

It comes with a library of pre-built moves that easily covers a range of the commonly required animations. Autodesk MotionBuilder is extremely beneficial for high-volume game animation pipeline.

Following are some of the upgraded features in the new Autodesk MotionBuilder Moves Content Library The advanced MotionBuilder software suit by Autodesk comes with an incredible useful animations in Autodesk FBX asset exchange format that enables you to combine, blend and layer to block-out or pre-visualize your scenes in advance. More Flexible Marker Assignment This feature enables you to adjust the position of the character within the marker cloud.

Interoperability Enhancements The Autodesk Entertainment Suit offers tremendous versatility through the interoperability enhancement feature for maximum productivity and enhanced performance. Ptex textures are used in UV less painting workflow while the multi-tile textures are used to paint outside the UV space.

Image Plane Matching Enjoy a smooth multi-product modelling workflow while using images for reference in both Maya and Mudbox.

You can create an image plane in Maya and use it in the base mesh modelling as a reference and then send it to Mudbox for addition of the finer details without any hassle. Enhanced Blend Shape Interoperability The enhanced blend shape interoperability between Maya and Mudbox enables you to take blend shapes with multiple targets or multiple blends shapes per mesh between Maya to MudBox.

This feature also enables you to take the advantage of Mudbox sculpting toolset for shot sculpting or creating facial shapes. Subscribe to the Autodesk Entertainment Suite at the most cost-effective subscription charge along with 1 year Autodesk India warranty only at Snapdeal. Was this information helpful to you? Yes No Select an issue.

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