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Media Composer 8. They now are grouped in a more logical location. Note that the Bin, Timeline and Composer context and Fast menus have also been reorganized. As you drag a clip, the movement is transparent allowing you to see other elements in the Timeline. If waveforms are turned on, the waveform stays visible as you drag, making it a lot easier to line up clips as you are editing.

As you drag the clip vertically up or down the timeline, and let go of the clip, a new track is added. Note that you can only create as many tracks at the same time as you are dragging.

In previous releases, you had to wait for the trim to end to see how sync was maintained. With this release, when you enter single roller trim, each track gets either a gray roller or a dimmer yellow roller. The gray roller appears when there is a segment directly under the selected roller. The dimmer yellow one will appear on the left side of the next segment when there is filler underneath the selected roller.

These new indicators instantly show you what track or cut point will be your stopping point if you were to continue trimming. It also shows tick marks when trimming. This is useful when slipping clips, to show the movement of the actual trimmed segment. Also, if you select multiple columns to add to the bin, they will appear directly to the right of the selected column. If you do not select a column, the new columns will be placed at the far right of the bin. Effects are now divided into two categories for video Filters and Transitions and two categories for audio Clip Effects and Track Effects.

A Quick Find field has been added, allowing you to search for a specific effect. The Media Tool includes the option to see rendered effect precompute clips separately from Titles and Matte Key precompute clips. This will make it easier to delete the rendered effects media. You can also choose to display the rendered effect precompute clips separately in the bin by choosing that option in the Set Bin Display. Once on the Timeline, these adjustments can also be animated with the Effect Editor.

All settings are saved with the clip metadata which can be exported to other applications. Here you can allocate video memory for the editing application. You can also turn on interactive video frame cache. This saves the need to regenerate each frame every time it is needed during subsequent playback of the sequence.

Enabling this cache will result in faster response times while editing. Click the first column heading to sort the tracks according to which are enabled. Click the column to sort by track numbers. Click the Track column to sort by track label if applicable. Bear in mind that you are limited to 64 voices. So some of the possible combinations are: Type the first letter of the setting you want to open, scroll to the setting and press Enter to open the applicable Settings dialog.

Manage Preset Project Formats Custom raster dimensions that you have added to your project formats can now be modified or deleted. To modify your presets, click the Manage Presets button in the Project dialog box. In the preset manager, select a preset and overwrite any of the existing values. You can also add or delete presets from this dialog.

If you want to change the background of the Timeline, select Use custom Timeline background and choose a new color. If you want to change the background of the Project window, select Use custom Project background and choose a color. This is useful if you share projects and bins with other users or if you are switching between systems. The font and font size you want to see on a desktop might be different than the one you want to see on a laptop. Media Composer performs an analysis of the waveforms of the selected clips and creates a group clip for you.

Now, the Burn-In effect provides the option to set the starting frame count at 1. You can also display a frame count for the effect in feet and frames 35mm 4perf.

Select the items in the bin to which you want to apply the same text. Enter the text you want to appear in the column for the selected items in the bin. The change ensures the beginning of an imported or linked audio clip is not cut off at the beginning of the clip. This change supports interoperability with Pro Tools. For 7. If you already have Media Composer, the new 8. As soon as you connect to the internet, your Avid Application Manager will notify you about the availability of this new version.

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What's New in Avid Media Composer v8.9.3

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