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To claim your prize, simply respond to this email with your credit card number and expiration date and I will have someone from my office credit your account with the 1000. 00 winnings. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Microsoft Corporation makes no claim and takes no responsibility for any damage that shall be caused by the EEVP (embedded executable virus program) which is now resident in the virtual memory of most if not all of the participants of the Late '97 E-Contest.

The E-contest was actually a testbed for a new product we are developing called "V-TRACE98 v2.

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A company like Google that has to deal with many legal issues, including a number of very important ones, has to choose wisely the ones it wants to ask the Supreme Court to look at. Otherwise it would have to petition for cert every other month.

I am absolutely convinced that Google would make a much smarter choice if it decided to play the Supreme Court card in connection with a couple of issues from the "Posner case" ( Apple v. Motorola): injunctive relief over standard-essential patents, injunctive relief over non-SEPs, functional claiming, maybe also non-SEP damages.


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