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You can use keyframes or manipulate the effect on the fly as your video plays which creates keyframes , by dragging a selection box in the source video window. You can tilt the video angle as well as panning and zooming. A three-by-three grid lets you position the zoom box exactly in a corner or the middle of a side. The tool gives you a fun way to draw your viewers' attention to parts of the frame you want to highlight.

Video Masking. VideoStudio's new Mask Creator tool lets you cover an area of your video with an effect based on an area selected in an overlaid video or photo. If you create the mask from video content, it follows the masked object using motion tracking—without any of the complexity of the full motion-tracking feature I cover below.

You create a mask using either a brush with edge detection or a shape rectangular or elliptical. The motion tracking works for one frame, to the end of the clip, or to a specified time code. It took over a minute to track a short clip in my testing, so it's not an instant effect. Masking is similar to using the Chroma key effect, and indeed, after creating a mask, you can use it as a Chroma key without the green screen to overlay an object on your movie.

Using this option also lets you invert the mask. For example, instead of having a head covering the background, you'd have the background only show through where the head was.

Both this tool and PowerDirector's mask editor let you fade transparency in and out for a ghostly effect, but PowerDirector makes it easier to use get this cool effect.

Time Remapping. Slo-mo, speedup, reverse, freeze-frame—these all come under the heading of Time Remapping. VideoStudio already included a rudimentary freeze-frame tool more about this later , but this new feature catches the editor up to Premiere Elements and PowerDirector with the addition of the other effects mentioned. A button lets you preview the time-remapping results, but scrubbing through with the tool is awkward. I wish it opened to the spot in the clip where the timeline play head was located.

Track Transparency. Corel's higher-end video-editing program, Pinnacle Studio, recently introduced a track transparency tool very similar to the one available in VideoStudio.

You open the tool by right-clicking on the track header and choosing Track Transparency. This opens a new view in the timeline with a yellow line for adjusting transparency. You can either drag the whole yellow line down to increase a track's transparency, or click on the line to set a key frame to increase and decrease transparency during playback.

It's a good tool that can create some evocative effects. Lens Correction. Because of the popularity of GoPros and their ilk, several of VideoStudio's competitors, such as PowerDirector, have come out with dedicated action cam editing spaces. VideoStudio tips its hat to this phenomenon with a basic fisheye distortion corrector. You can still do most of the effects found in the other products, such as freeze frame and stabilization, but it's nice to have them all together in one window.

VideoStudio offers preset corrections for GoPro Hero 3 and 4 models, and you can individually adjust the focal length, radial distortion coefficients, and tangential distortion coefficients. Needless to say, that's probably beyond the ken of the average street shredder, let alone of this consumer software reviewer.

VideoStudio was the first major consumer video editor to offer a built-in stop-motion tool. One really nifty thing is that you can actually control a DSLR from within the software, for hands-off-camera stop-motion shooting. In my testing it was actually a little difficult to get the desired results with autofocus using this remote control, but manual focus is also available.

These unmatched tools let you create really high quality stop motion movies. Multicam Editing. Multicam editing lets you switch among camera angles shot at the same time. You need to select clips first and then enter the separate multicam editing window to get started. The program can align the clips by audio automatically, or use markers or time codes.

In my testing, the multicam tool did a good job of syncing up two clips using their audio tracks. I then created an angle-switching video easily by tapping the clip previews in the four-pane source panel. Within the multicam window, you can edit your multicam movie by extending or shortening an angle entry in the top timeline, but once you hit OK in the bottom of this window, the multicam is a new clip in your main source panel, and you can no longer adjust sub-clip durations, as you can in other apps, such as PowerDirector.

Multipoint Motion Tracking. VideoStudio was the first consumer video editor to include motion tracking, which lets you attach an object, text, or effect to something that moves in your video. Think of the obscured license plates or faces or naughty bits, or just adding a caption that moves along with someone. Simply select a clip in the timeline, tap the Track Motion button to open the Track Motion window, and place the crosshairs over your moving person or object. You can add multiple items to track, and select either a point, a rectangular area, or multipoint sources to track.

The last option automatically resizes the effect or overlay object as the source changes size. So, in my sample I selected points for a bike's axle, the rider's head, and body, and then hit the Track button. The tool creates paths for each of the tracked points, and you can move the ends of the paths marked by red dots.

You can also save the paths and name them. If no objects block your moving object, the tracking works just right. The tool itself lets you apply mosaic effects, but to add overlay text or graphics, you need to use the separate Match Motion tool. Once you get past the complex dialog, this impressive tool works as advertised.

This is one feature that competing apps such as Premiere Elements have had for a while. And VideoStudio's Freeze-Frame feature is pretty basic by comparison: You simplly scrub to the spot you want to freeze, choose Freeze-Frame from the Edit menu, and a window with just two options pops up—how long to freeze and whether to split audio. The latter stops audio on other tracks during the freeze.

By comparison, Premiere Elements and PowerDirector let you add additional cool effects such as reverse and then forward and slo-mo. Audio Normalization and Ducking. VideoStudio has improved audio tools for normalizing and ducking sound levels, and it also now offers audio filters right alongside video effects in the source panel. Normalize lets you even out audio level among multiple clips, and ducking lowers background audio during narration.

You can now fine-tune the lead in and out for ducking in VideoStudio. Audio Editing One of the buttons above the timeline is for the Sound Mixer. This opens audio controls that show a surround-sound diagram of a room with speakers. You can stretch audio to match your video's length without changing its pitch, record voiceovers, fade in and out, and apply filters like hiss reduction and resonance.

Many of the filters are adjustable, but resonance unfortunately isn't. Audio is one area where CyberLink is also strong, with its powerful AudioDirector companion program. Other audio tools include normalizing and ducking. The first is good for when your movie includes clips shot in different environments, because it makes the movie audio consistent. On my test movie, it did a good job. Ducking turns down background soundtracks when speaking occurs. This also worked as expected, and a level line in the audio timeline track lets you increase or decrease the effect.

Output and Authoring VideoStudio has some support for H. You can output compatible files for Apple, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft devices. As such, they've got digital photos and, more importantly, video clips flying all over the place. Corel VideoStudio Pro is a powerful video-editing application, and has screen recording, built in. Its an all-in-one, video editor that provides editing, advanced effects, interactive web video and total disc authoring into a single package. The app is fast and packed with intuitive tools, that let you create family movies and slideshows, fun, stop motion animations, and screen recordings of presentations, tutorials and more.

You can tap into the full power of your multi-core processor and share your creations everywhere with native HTML5 video support, or enhanced DVD and Blu-ray authoring. Corel VideoStudio Pro has a huge template library. You can choose from a variety of Instant Projects, drop in your content and make a movie in minutes. Adding audio is simply a drag and drop and similarly, you can edit the audio for the parts you want to be in your project. If you are familiar and comfortable with the level of difficulty with Powerpoint then you should be fine with this.

The warranty gives you ONE support episode for a technical issue however there is a forum on Corel for artistic or editing questions.

I used it once and they helped me with my issue perfectly and solved what I needed. The only thing I didn't like was how they set up the final burning of the DVD. They put a step in there that doesn't make it intuitive to just doing a simple burn, however, no real problem.

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