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This new dialog box presents all WordPerfect macros in a single, convenient location. Now you can view each macro's properties, add descriptions, and run or edit the macros. AfterShot 3 Enjoy the photo editor that reveals your true creative potential and frees you from high costs, from endless subscriptions, and from hours spent editing at your computer. Import, process, and output faster, and get back behind the camera where want to be!

Mail Merge Expert Now you can address envelopes and labels more quickly and easily. The Mail Merge Expert makes it simpler to associate a data source, such as an address book or a spreadsheet, with form documents, including letters, labels, and envelopes. Let the Mail Merge Expert guide you through the process—step by step. It provides more publishing options, such as relative font sizing and the ability to publish footnotes.

Keystroke Menu The new Keystroke Menu helps you quickly access settings and commands. Simply type the first few letters of the feature you're looking for and WordPerfect will present a series of available matches. File format support Famous for its unrivalled compatibility, WordPerfect Office lets you work with more files than ever. Easily open, edit, and share files with support for more than 60 formats. Microsoft SharePoint support SharePoint support is fully integrated into WordPerfect Office X9, enabling you to interact more easily with content, processes, and business data.

Share knowledge, find information, and collaborate with confidence both inside and outside your organization. You can adjust PDF file size and print resolution to suit a variety of destination platforms, such as web, email and print. Avoid spending time adjusting margins and fonts or cutting out text. With the Make It Fit feature, the look you want is just a click away. Multiple monitor support Take your productivity to the next level with WordPerfect support for multiple monitors. Open different files on different monitors so you can work on them simultaneously.

To help track, organize, and compile data, this complete desktop database solution stores information in powerful, searchable tables. Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook file previewing View a WordPerfect file before opening it by selecting the file in Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, then choose from a robust set of right-click options that enable you to search, select, or copy text, browse a document, or even print directly from the Preview panel—all without having to open the file.

PerfectExpert Get started quickly and easily with this step-by-step guide that offers an array of project templates and helpful advice. When you start a PerfectExpert project, the PerfectExpert panel dynamically updates to provide advice and guidance specific to the task at hand.

Reference Center Get the most out of your office software with built-in learning resources and support. WordPerfect Office features an easy-to-access help system that puts tips, tutorials, and answers right at your fingertips. Whether it's information on how to use a specific feature or helpful information for creating eye-catching documents and presentations, WordPerfect Office offers all the support you need to get the job done right. Web services integration Gather up-to-the second data from the web and then automatically update a document with that information whenever you open it.

For example, create a report with updated stock prices, send out a real-estate brochure that pulls in new MLS listings, or publish daily weather reports. Bring the power of the web to all your documents with WordPerfect Office. Instead of hand-marking citations, let Perfect Authority locate, sort and create the Table of Authorities for you in minutes, saving you time and money.

Redaction Black out sensitive or confidential information, and ensure that text cannot be retrieved or revealed. This versatile feature can also search a document for words and phrases to hide and automatically apply redaction. Redacted files can be saved to. Interesting that they had not even informed their tech people about this "known issue". I posed a second inquiry , using the problem code, a couple of weeks lager about when this fix could be expected, and was answered with a list of possible causes for the problem, and this casual addendum: I can't help but wonder what else they overlooked and can't fix.

Sending it back. I was so hoping for an alternative to MS Office for the kinds of things I do. Updated on Jul 12, Downgrade to one star. See my addendum in reply mode for why.

Read reply 1 Reply by dasvt on July 12, Addendum to my review: The Lightning issue seemed to have been resolved with an update. Even though I'd registered my WP Home and Office, it asked me to register before submitting a tech request.

I had registered mine when I first installed it, but it no longer shows on my list of products in my Corel account which goes back quite a few years. When I tried to reregister, the site informed me that this product was never a "regular" product,and is no longer supported.

It did not accept my registration. Corel has completely abandoned WP Home and Office version, even though the componants are the same as those included in the regular version.

Corel wordperfect office x4 standard buy fast

Publisher Description The Underdog Corel WordPerfect has been around since the nineties, but has never actually surpassed the popular Microsoft office suite. Microsoft Word has been the most widely used word processor on Windows machines since ever. Lately though, open source software like Open Office or Libre Office have become a very good alternative for the simple reason that they offer pretty much the same features and are free. So what can WordPerfect bring to the table? One click indentation WordPerfect X5 comes in an office bundle that includes a spreadsheet editor and a presentation creator. All these have a cost so what makes it a viable option among the titan and freebies? Ease of use.


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