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WordPerfect Office X4 Standard Edition | PCWorld

Long-standing WordPerfect users will be relieved: There's something to be said for WordPerfect's clean, no-nonsense blank page. While the suite keeps its traditional looks in the new X4 version, it does beef up support for both PDFs and Office file formats. Existing WordPerfect users will find the new version worth the upgrade, but Microsoft Office users will find few compelling reasons to switch suites. WordPerfect Office is cheaper than Microsoft Office, but not by much.

While WordPerfect's comfortable interface hasn't changed much in nearly a decade, the office software market has. WordPerfect is now a very distant second to Microsoft Office. In this position, WordPerfect's most important feature is offering compatibility for file formats from other programs.

So how well does it play the compatibility game? In fact, WordPerfect seems to have an easier time dealing with the new Microsoft Office file formats than with the traditional ones, and often imports them with fewer glitches. WordPerfect's compatibility is extremely good--but not perfect. Overall, WordPerfect's support for Office file formats is good enough that most workers won't face a headache when exchanging documents with their colleagues.

But in some cases, this process fails ending with hopelessly scrambled text , and in other cases it works but still leaves you with an altered layout. Once again, it's not perfect, but no other office suite offers anything close. Most of WordPerfect's best features have been in place for years--for example, legal professionals, government workers, and technical writers love features like Master Documents, which let you build long documents out of separate files.

WordPerfect is also legendary for its Reveal Codes feature, which lets you edit and rearrange your document's low-level formatting instructions, giving you fine-grained control over what's taking place.

For example, WordPerfect still forces users to click the status menu to get an updated word count. Word keeps the word count perpetually updated. And who can explain why WordPerfect still limits users to nine open files at a time, and why the status bar shows the number of the page you're working on but not the total number of pages in the document?

Hard-core Excel and PowerPoint users are also likely to be a bit disappointed. WordPerfect Office makes a half-hearted attempt to compete in this area with its new Visual Intelligence program, which helps create chart data in complex spreadsheets and databases.

Price-conscious buyers are more likely to look at completely free competitors such as OpenOffice. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details.


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