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Download Microsoft PowerPoint That may not be a big deal if you only use PowerPoint, but if you also use Word and the like, you'll find. Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft PowerPoint Bit Edition. This update provides the latest fixes to Microsoft PowerPoint. We've compared the best prices for buying Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office suite items like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

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While PowerPoint is just one of many presentation software options, it has ascended to the ranks of Coke, Kleenex, Band-Aids, and Google as the de facto leader in its field. Microsoft recently unveiled the new Microsoft Office suite --Office and with it PowerPoint Having played with the new PowerPoint for a couple weeks now, here are some of my first impressions. PowerPoint starts by presenting a variety of themes and templates to choose from. There are still plenty of people using Office , Office , or even Office XP or Office 97 because it takes care of their basic needs.


PowerPoint 2013 Training - Creating a Presentation - Part 1 - PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial (Office 2013)

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