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Although, Aperture's other features are not the main focus here, the program also allows you to create multimedia slideshows with music and video, no doubt borrowing similar features from Apple's iMovie. It also takes iPhoto's editing and photo management tools to another level. Aperture has an enhanced face detection technology to help organize photos of the same person and also captures GPS data from cameras with that function to automatically geo-tag your photos and arrange them on a map. Of more potential interest to photo book enthusiasts, is the ability to edit and enhance your photos. While other free photo book software has limited capability to edit photos, Aperture accordingly has more precise tools allowing you to adjust levels, tint, contrast, color, saturation, retouch etc.

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Update, January I have moved on to using Lightroom since writing this article. More details in my article: I tried a lot of software, workflows, web applications, mobile apps, etc. It was tedious and a little frustrating. I was surprised at how incomplete most of the options were. I take between photos a month with each photo over 10 MB. Aside from the obvious terrible pictures, I tend to keep them all.

I need a management application capable of handling thousands of large photos. The faster this process the better. What I do care about is the ability to quickly make local copies, e. The Reasons There are many attributes of the software and web applications listed below. Each has a strength. I am trying to highlight what I think is the best solution for my needs above. Yours may vary. By no means am I saying this is the only solution. Aperture is Cheaper and Better than the Competition Apple's Aperture is powerful, easy to use, and cheap!

Let me make one point crystal clear: The raw output of my camera is awesome and generally meets my needs as is. What I do a lot though, is organize. Aperture was notably better for my needs for a few key reasons: Projects, folders, albums, and smart albums in Aperture. These 4 items give you a great deal of organizing power. For my workflow, I do this: Put a group of photos in a project Go through the photos adding meta data.

I export that album for use with Picasa see below. Using Aperture is a pleasant xperience. Aperture on the other hand is dead simple. Looking at your whole library or individual projects is easy and the interface is minimal. This translates to more looking at photos and less looking at Aperture. Lightroom in general felt clunky. There was one point the both were terrible at: In my dream world, these apps would allow their organizational features to act as analogs to the organizational features offered by web services.

What does exist are a handful of clunky and frustrating publishing plugins that seemed really good at not meeting my needs. No good. Despite the lack of sync, I now have a highly organized, easy to view and navigate photo management solution with Aperture. Now I just need to get these great photos on the web!

The major features are: Transport winner: With their Picasa app, you just tell the app where to look for photos and how you want them to be treated once on Google. Then you just say sync. Changed your mind? Want to add a geo location? Just do it in Picasa and it immediately shows up online. You can stop syncing at any time too. It will let you manage the file system, which means you can have Picasa and Lightroom accessing the same folders. Interface winner: Manipulation winner: Edit photos in Picasa or on-line.

The available editing feature are well beyond my needs. Social winner: Like manipulation above, how you share photos is super easy: The key difference though is Picasa. It makes the sharing process super easy. You have a great deal of access control. With Flickr you can share with two groups: Community winner: They have different niches.

Google, Facebook, Snapjoy. Flickr, px. When I initially started my process for finding an on-line service, I just assumed Flickr would be the best. It was disappointing. From what I read Yahoo! Google was the last service I considered. Once I used Picasa, I was sold. As a side note, px is a pretty awesome place to browse. Check them out.

At some point not too long ago, I started signing up for services on the web. Gmail, Flickr, Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook … ugh. As much as possible, I want everything in one place. There is simply no company doing this better than Google, which is becoming the center of my online universe:

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