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Who can do it all-who can handle operations and strategy and be out there creating public confidence in Apple's future-or we get someone who can make the trains run on time and who's willing to step aside and let Steve be the chairman and the public face of Apple.

I don't know if Steve would ever agree to it. But I certainly keep that option open.

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I had taken a mishmash of shots of a beach, a pier, and a boardwalk amusement park — certainly nothing scripted. I kicked things off with a few clips of the bumper car ride, shot from different angles. I followed these with a photo of the pier to establish where all this was taking place. After that, I brought the action back to the amusement park rides with a view of the pirate ship ride. If your PC has an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, work goes blazingly fast. Case in point: I shot my video with a Nikon D90 in high-quality widescreen p HD.


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