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Office include applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. They’re available as a one-time purchase for use on a single PC. Office plans include premium versions of these applications plus other services that are enabled over the Internet, including online storage with OneDrive and Skype minutes for home use. Microsoft Outlook provides a single, integrated solution for organizing and managing your digital communication tools such as e-mail and instant messaging, along with all your day-to-day Subcategory: E-mail Software. Sep 08,  · Yes I read the article from the link you provided earlier. I am confused by it. People are telling me Office gives you full access to your Outlook Mail, but if you already have Outlook Mail with and you can't have 2 Outlook accounts, how will getting Office help a person who does not have full access to their mail?

Starting October 2, , Office Home will let six users install an unlimited number of Office applications. Currently, Office Home allows up to five users. Microsoft is raising this limit to six, so each Office Home account gets an additional user.

Each user will also be able to install Office applications on an unlimited amount of devices. Users can only be signed into five Office applications at the same time, however. This is an improvement from now, where those five users can only install Office on up to 10 devices in total. These changes take effect starting October 2, Microsoft has made a few account changes that are taking effect immediately.

What is Office ? Office is essentially a Microsoft Office subscription. You can still buy traditional boxed copies of Microsoft Office, but Office is a much better deal. For that price, five soon six people can install the latest versions of Microsoft Office on their PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. Each person gets 1 TB of OneDrive storage, too.

Publisher and Access are also included but are only available on Windows. And yes, you can use them offline—your PC or Mac just has to appear online once every 30 days to keep them activated. You can download the apps by heading to Office.

What's the Difference Between Office and Office ? If you switch from a PC to Mac or vice versa, you have to buy a new copy. Office Home lets five and soon six people, each with his or her own Microsoft account, install Office apps on up to ten PCs or Macs or any combination of the two.

Each person can also install Office on up to five tablets and up to five phones. Microsoft has been updating the Office version of Office more regularly than the standard boxed version of Office, too.

In fact, Office ProPlus users basically already have Office Microsoft will at some point take this code, put it in a box, and call it Office In other words, with an Office Home plan, you get a total of 5 TB of space for five users. In October, that will become a total of 6 TB for six users. Buying Office costs the same amount of money every year, but it gets you six 1 TB accounts—6 TB in total—and you also get the Office applications. OneDrive is now pretty good, too!

You can view your OneDrive files in a web browser, too. You can share links to files and set those link to expire after a certain period, or require a password to view the shared file. You can also restore all your OneDrive files to a state they were in at some point in the last 30 days, which can help you recover from a ransomware attack.

Every month, each user on your Office plan will get up to 60 minutes to place phone calls to landlines and mobile phones around the world. Office is such a good deal that it makes the boxed copies of Office look like a bad deal. But many people still want to buy boxed copies, so Microsoft still offers them as an option.

The boxed copies of Office have always been kind of expensive, though. Those prices would look even more expensive if you accounted for inflation. We expect Microsoft to stop producing new boxed versions of Office at some point in the near future.

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Now contains many customer-driven fixes Outlook SP2 performance General responsiveness The overall responsiveness for Outlook SP2 is significantly improved over the responsiveness of Service Pack 1. Responsiveness can be loosely defined as the application's reaction time when you use the user interface UI. A perfectly responsive application immediately begins performing the task that is requested even if that task takes a long time. Making Outlook noticeably more responsive was a big priority for this release. Storage engine The most important changes come from underlying optimizations in the local storage engine. In this article, PST refers to both technologies.

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