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Trustpilot How can you sell at such low prices? When big businesses buy in bulk, sometimes they end up with more licenses than they need. We buy them cheap and pass the savings on to you. You can find more information on our About Us page. What do I get with my purchase? We provide you a genuine Microsoft Product Key including an easy step-by-step guide, which enables you to download and activate the software directly from Microsoft's website.

How do I receive my product? Your product will be delivered digitally via email immediately and automatically after payment by our shopping system. Which payment methods do you accept? We accept PayPal and credit cards. Credit card payments are also processed by PayPal. Just choose the "guest checkout" option via PayPal to use your credit card. What if I need help?

We provide activation and installation support with all purchases. Collaborate with others to easily start and deliver winning projects. Includes all the features of Project Standard plus collaboration tools, resource management, SharePoint task sync, submit timesheets and more. The software comes with following features: Smart setup Fast startup The Getting Started screen walks you through basic capabilities, like linking tasks and creating a timeline, to help you get up to speed fast.

Best-in-class templates Use one of the many pre-built templates from within Project Professional and on Office. Intuitive search Use the Tell Me search bar—standard across most Office products—to quickly find useful features in Project so you can work more efficiently. Powerful scheduling Familiar charts Built for professional project managers, Project Professional offers familiar tools, like Gantt charts, to help you easily create schedules and reduce training time.

Smart automation Reduce inefficiencies with automated features. Auto-populate start and end dates based on dependencies, and use the Task Inspector to identify more efficient task and resource arrangements. Multiple timelines Built-in multiple timelines help you visually represent complex schedules and understand all aspects of a project.

Easily share timelines using familiar Office tools like PowerPoint. Intuitive baselines You can use baselines to help decision makers track and compare actual progress to the original project plan.

Synchronized task lists With task list synchronization, team members can update their assignments in SharePoint, and the data will appear in Project Professional. Resource management Consolidated view Consolidate all your potential project resources in a single view so that resource managers can compare resources across standardized data to build best-fit teams.

Optimized resources The Team Planner helps you identify and fix potential resourcing issues that could impact the schedule. Integrated collaboration Skype for Business Integrated communication tools like Skype for Business make it easy to collaborate using voice, video, or chat within Project, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Connected apps Easily copy information from Project and paste it into familiar Office applications like PowerPoint and Word. And OneDrive for Business provides handy storage for project artifacts. Collaborative workspaces Create a dedicated project site to share information—status updates, conversations, and project timelines—so team members stay informed.

Better decision-making Project reports Powerful built-in reports, like Burndown and Resource Overview, can help you gain insights, communicate information to stakeholders, and achieve results. Office Store Office add-ins Visit the new Office Store to get Office add-ins that extend the functionality of Project to solve unique business and project problems.

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Buying Low price microsoft project standard 2016

SaveOnIt has Project and all the Microsoft apps that you need, available for instant download. Almost every industry today requires expert project management.

From engineering, to construction, to marketing, organizations rely on Project Managers and coordinators to track and complete projects according to budget and timeline. One of the most powerful enterprise project management or EPM products on the market, Microsoft Project keeps track of your enterprise ventures, scheduling, and progress all in one coordinated and universal place.

For decades, this powerful application has helped business and enterprise efficiently manage, track, and complete projects with ease. Although Microsoft Project is a member of the overall larger Microsoft Office suite, it has never been included in the package suite that contains many other family programs. This tells us one thing; this is a robust program that warrants a separate purchase.

Project Managers love using this powerful Microsoft Office program to plan out projects, disperse resources, delegate tasks, and assign employees based on scheduling, tasks, and resources available. Users can model projections to get accurate timetables, use Microsoft Project to track progress, or make changes as needed to plans. Users can also track and view resource rates then calculate assignment costs to summarize at the resource levels.

This helps when presenting budgets for project approval and to keep an eye out for progress to ensure budget adherence. These tracking features make it great to keep track of your progress on your team, ensure resources are being appropriately used throughout the project timeline, and ensure that your team is working on a budget. The scheduling features that have made Microsoft Outlook so popular make its way into Project as well.

Managers can look at coordinators and align schedules for meetings or assign tasks to individual employees. Users can pull up timetables when assigning tasks, use timetables to ensure that progress is being made, and keep entire project teams right on track for completion.

Which Version is Right for Me? Available for purchase are a few options. For reach edition , , , there will be a Professional and Standard edition. As with any purchase, think about your project needs and requirements before deciding, as these versions all differ. At the time, users groaned as they had been accustomed to the simplicity of Windows XP products, but the Ribbon is now viewed as an improved and streamlined interface over the old and heavily used toolbars which are still there, just enhanced.

A new feature for the edition, Microsoft Project gets updated compatibility with Microsoft Excel. Project Managers and coordinators will rejoice, as many users will map out and outline projects in Excel before using another software. Now with enhanced copy and paste functions, you can keep spreadsheet formats and content uniform when importing it into Microsoft Project. You can also save your documents from Project as a Microsoft Excel file. This build from the top down flexibility allows users to work backward, starting with the end goal of seeing how the project can be structured.

You can start with a project end date and set the end goal, but if a variable changes or you need a little versatility with dates, they can always be changed. Move a highlighted section, and your Gantt chart or report will update, depending on the selected area in the view. Need Project Standard for cheap? SaveOnIt has the lowest-price on Project Standard, guaranteed.

Buy it from us now, and save. Purchase Project Professional Anyone working with a larger enterprise organization should strongly consider the Professional version of Microsoft Project. With added connectivity features and additional powerful functions to keep you organized, this is the premier project management program.

If you need to share documents and plans cross-departmentally or with supervisors, the Microsoft Project Professional edition of the version is the way to go. WIth Project Server and Microsoft Sharepoint, you can quickly publish project documents online to store or share with supervisors or others in different departments.

Other users can access the file for either Server or Sharepoint and make updates or changes or keep tabs on where progress is. Team Planner is a new function to as well, unique to the Professional edition. This allows you to see progress on tasks and see who is assigned. Instead of having to make hard manual changes, this new interface will enable you to drag and drop unassigned tasks to users or reassign tasks with a click of the mouse. A Professional only feature, you can flag inactive tasks to save them for later, muting notifications.

You may need this for tasks that are not pertinent at a specific stage in the project but will be needed later. SaveOnIt has the Project Professional for the cheapest price online. Get Project Standard and Save Money A huge upgrade for all Microsoft Office products, the Office integration allows even more connectivity options than the version.

Upload and share documents on Sharepoint even easier than previous iterations. Users can also upload documents to the Office cloud. This is particularly useful with the Office Summary View if you want to share progress on a project without sending them the full document with editing capabilities.

Of course, all of the highlighted features for have been included in this addition. More templates have been added to the already expansive library.

Templates also are available on Office. Presenting your data has never been easier, with updated visual representations that can be exported to Word or PowerPoint. You will also get more options for designing and visualizing reports for print or other forms of presentation.

Want the cheapest price on Project Standard? SaveOnIt will guarantee that we have the lowest price on it and all the Microsoft apps you need.

Cheap Prices on Project Professional Much like the previous version of Project, Professional gets a few more upgrades over the standard version.

Team Planner comes back with this version, allowing more tracking of progress for managers. A new feature for Professional is Generic Resources. This is helpful when you know you have a task that needs to be completed but has not assigned a resource to the assignment, allowing users to continue to work without having every single detail laid out. Get Project Standard and Download Instantly With the same features as previous editions, Project gets a few new updates in the latest version. The first, which is a feature showcased on all new Microsoft Office products is Tell Me.

This is essentially an enhanced search function that allows users to simply type in their request and Tell Me will pull up the responding command. With refreshed reporting functions, you can now see heat maps with data which helps improve efficiency by seeing which tasks or resources are over-utilized or not utilized efficiently.

Another helpful tool for is the ability to share reports with other managers or colleagues who may not have full versions Project installed, they can still interact and respond to requests. If you need to buy Project Standard, buy it from SaveOnIt and get it for the cheapest price online. You can simply integrate your project into SharePoint and enable Server compatibility.

Now there is no need to separately install Project Server. With timesheet management options on the Professional version, you can manage employees and keep hours and budget constraints in check so the payroll and accounting departments of your organization are happy as well. SaveOnIt has Project Professional for cheap. Buy Microsoft Project Today Powerful reporting tools help keep your projects up to speed and finished on time.

For big-picture overviews or granular fine-tuning, you can have an entire look of a project with this Microsoft Office app. With Professional versions, you have upgraded collaborative tools to keep connected with project shareholders and other users who may have an investment in the project.

With scheduling and resource management functionality, you can ensure that your project is going according to plan, tasks are being completed on time by the appropriate users, and share your findings and success with other key players.

The software experts at SaveOnIt want to make sure that you get the version of Microsoft Project that fits your needs. Need it right away?

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