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NewTek LightWave 3D® makes it possible for anyone to become a 3D artist and animator. The software is affordable, complete, easy to learn and use and well. When time is short and the job impossible, LightWave simply delivers. Direct and robust, LightWave serves the artist first, for visual effects, motion graphics, game LightWave 3D is a registered trademark of NewTek Inc. | Privacy Policy. LightWave 3D is a 3D computer graphics program developed by NewTek. It has been used in In its ninth version, the market for LightWave ranges from hobbyists to high-end deployment in video games, television and cinema. NewTek.

This allows for complex logic to affect the input. Once a virtual performance is captured, the data can be edited in the Graph Editor, letting you hand edit any live-captured performances.

Virtual Studio Tools in LightWave 11 is a significant evolution of this technology, and with the new SDK, third party developers can extend and enhance it even further. It has proved incredibly popular among many 3D artists. Now, LightWave 11 brings that technology to you. It allows you to exchange model data, along with all the associated texture maps.

The Modeler implementation even lets you use ZBrush for sculpting Endomorphs for things like facial morphs. GoZ now allows LightWave to be even more integrated within studio pipelines, making it a great addition to the LightWave 11 toolset.

Render Buffer Enhancements Saving and viewing the various buffers produced by the render engine to make up an image, is now more powerful and much easier in LightWave The new Compositing Buffer Export panel now makes it possible to select which objects are to be included with the buffers you specify, and easier to select which buffers are to be exposed for saving or viewing.

This makes rendering out for compositing much more streamlined, as it combines and extends the functionality of two different panels you had to visit in previous versions of LightWave. It also allows saving of presets for the commonly used buffers to aid in setting up for output, something that was not possible before. Python Scripting Python is an industry standard programming language prevalent in most CG pipelines. The inclusion of Python in LightWave 11 allows even further integration of LightWave into studio pipelines, as those familiar with Python can quickly begin writing tools for LightWave.

When set to "Solid," the user can apply shading and material like any normal surface. This lets you create very complex looking fibers, easily, and perform parametric cylinder rendering of the fibers. FiberFX volumetric rendering has also been enhanced with smooth line rendering to match the pixel filter look, as well as render buffer support for all fiber types.

New optimizations that make the building and relaxed distribution of fibers multi-threaded, give you faster render times and interactivity when working with fiber setup and styling. Additionally, the FiberFX instance accelerator demonstrates benchmarked rendering improvements of 2x for complex situations.

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Like those programs, it is used heavily in the production of games, motion pictures, television, and print ads. There is no real 2D component, no BOM and no construction history. Two Apps in One LightWave is really two separate applications: Modeler for modeling, and Layout for rendering and animation. You can select an object in Layout, press a key, and open that object up in Modeler.

Likewise, changes made in Modeler are automatically reflected in Layout. LightWave Hub, a mini-application, sits in your task bar and facilitates the interaction. Modeler LightWave is a polygon and surface modeler. All objects, by default, are polygon meshes. You create objects from primitives i. For organic surfaces, turning a poly mesh into a curved subdivision surface SDS is as easy as hitting the Tab key. The mesh becomes a cage on which the curved surface is hung; you modify the surface geometry by manipulating the components—polygons, edges, points—of the underlying cage.

Another touch of the Tab key converts the object back to polygon mode. You can model in polygons, SDSs, or a combination. You can freeze curve surfaces as polygonal meshes, or retain them as is for rendering and animation. Modeler provides ten layers, accessed by the number keys. Different layers can hold curves, construction surfaces, models or parts of models. I often use layers as an easy way to keep iterative versions of my objects.

You can build up fantastically complex texture networks using nodes for 2D and 3D textures, gradients, math functions, and materials. One heralded example is the new Carpaint shader that realistically simulates auto paint, complete with clear coat and metal flake.

LightWave allows you to easily select for a wide range of real-world cameras and lenses. You can also build nodal networks to control volumetric lighting and object displacement maps. Lights, Camera To help you better match reality, LightWave now has IES Illuminating Engineering Society profile lights and a greatly expanded selection of cameras, including perspective, orthographic, shift, and real-world cameras, as well as a configurable advanced camera.

No problem; the real-world camera has those options. Want to create a custom tilt-shift lens? You can do that too. This makes camera setup a bit difficult. Quibbles One barrier to integrating LightWave into the engineering pipeline is its somewhat limited import and export capabilities. LightWave 9.

LightWave is one of the few programs still shipping with printed manuals, but it also has Web-based help. Sadly, there are holes. Take Visor for example—a new image-viewing feature within Layout.

I only know about it because I stumbled upon a discussion on the Web. In Summation Quibbles aside, LightWave has a lot going for it. It is one of the most widely used 3D modeling and rendering solutions, and for good reason.

LightWave goes way beyond static renders and simple turntable animations. It will do complex character animation; grow fibers, fur and hair; and render dynamics such as sparks, smoke, explosions, and fairy dust blowing in the wind. More Info: The Wichita By-Lineman, has been writing about all manner of computer stuff for years. An expert in computer animation and graphics, his newest book is Photoshop Elements by Example. Visit him on the web at markclarkson.

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