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Aug 22, Seeing its six DVDs of sound content, you might be tempted toduct-tape a key down and let Omnisphere finish your film scoring gig. Omnisphere is bursting with perfectly crafted preset sounds. You can, as I did, easily store its sounds on an external drive. You may want to dedicate an afternoon to that installation, but then you can begin dialing up well-organized presets and start playing immediately. Omnisphere resists the preset maladies that tend to afflict instruments of this kind.

You can let your freak flag fly, or build a Hollywood score, or use Omnisphere as a lead synth. It can introduce subtle, shimmering timbres, as well as more experimental, extreme effects. New Speed and Position modes produce some startling, gorgeous results.

Add the unique Glide parameter, and you can make some very odd sounds as the grain pitch swoops from one sound to another. Some parameters have unexpected names: Grain Depth is actually the number of Grains. Intensity actually modifies grain size and spacing simultaneously. Th e design of the controls is welcome: Improved granular editing parameters mean you can make any preset unrecognizable. This unique sound design tool gives each harmonic component of your sound independent oscillators and synth controls.

The results can produce basic chords, but also additive synthesisstyle harmonic motion or new multi-oscillator tones. Each voice has separate controls for phase, shape, symmetry, sync, and even individual waveshapes. If that leaves you wanting some grit and distortion, head straight to the new Waveshaper. As with the other tools, Spectrasonics has focused on polyphony and the front end of the signal chain instead of just adding effects.

You can even set the Waveshaper effect to process the output of the Specifications Oscillator, the Filter, or the Amplifier, and additional parameters controlling aggressiveness and animating the effect in time give you yet more control.

Drag and drop a MIDI file, and you can lock the timing to any groove. Omnisphere hides these screens by default, keeping the look clean. Th e new Zoom modes work well, with some caveats: That slightly slows down an otherwise slick workflow. If you can do it in Omnisphere, you can probably control it in real time. For adventurous musicians exploring its tabs and zoom screens, there are seemingly endless possibilities for variation. Right-click any one of those parameters, and a pop-up menu lets you easily map MIDI control or host automation.

A new feature even clones from one channel to another, useful on sophisticated alternative controllers like the Eigenharp. Wish granted: You can trigger in legato mode, by host song position, or at the start of a note, in the arp page itself or from the Live mode overview. A circular morph pad, the Orb is a do-everything sound shaper that can interpolate between multiple parameters at once, with Lemur-like physics and Kaoss-style motion recording. Omnisphere, however, is unique in adding realtime, dynamic assignment of parameters for morphing.

Of course, you can set these parameters manually if you prefer. Conclusions Omnisphere 1. It balances easy access to preset sounds with deep sonic control in a way no other soft synth has.

The Orb and other smart controls let you vary those sounds—in large amounts or small—using your ears, without having to delve deeply into the synthesis engine. Or, delve as deeply as you please. With thousands of sounds as possible starting points, this much power is almost frightening.

Th at leaves only one big frontier for version 2. Allow sound designers to load samples of their own. Add that, and you might never have to touch another soft ware synth again. Even without that ability, though, Omnisphere 1.

Unique polyphonic waveshaping, granular synthesis, and multi-voice harmony. Orb morphing and iPad app. Endless live control. CONS Some clicking necessary to move between modes.

Still no standalone version. Dual filters per layer. Multimixer, aux effects, and mastering effects racks. Mac OS X

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Omnisphere 2.6 - Endless Possibilities

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Omnisphere 1.5.6d x86+x64 REPACK (full download)

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