Windows server 2003 standard r2 best price at wholesale Prices

But with the release of the Windows Server R2 Standard-based operating systems, the skies started clearing up with impeccable performance when it came to powerful computing as well as features that got the best out of hosting many computer frameworks under one system. The next major overview of the system was that windows were able to recover most of the software files that were existent within the previous operating system and that gave windows the gliding edge over the problems that were faced by the previous operating systems.

Windows Server R2 ISO free — ISORIVER Now that the overall performance of the windows server made a good impact in the market with its release, there were several features that made the windows server a better server-based operating system compared to others. Internet Firewall The firewall facilities of the internet were given a boost and the security framework became extremely enhanced that they were a tough server to break into. The complex protocols that were embedded in the software were so complex that Microsoft successfully implemented the first and best firewall security system.

The security enhancements also served protection to all the computers connected to the server. Remote Access This is perhaps one of the ground-breaking features that enabled Microsoft to revolutionize connectivity. The remote access made sure that the systems connected to the server can be remotely accessed. Windows Server R2 ISO file Free download The system when remotely accessed just needed a login IP address and a network access key code to help enable anyone to log in to the server.

With remote access, it enabled people to work on their office systems remotely from any part of the world. Update Management The auto-update management system is the system that will enable the system to download system updates and any other security patches on a regular basis. Windows Server R2 Standard was the beginning server-based operating system to incorporate the auto-update management system. Application verification The application verification is a feature software that enabled the user to test and verify the compatibility of the applications running under Windows.

With this update, the software will simulate the application in a virtual operating system and give us the diagnosis results of the application with which we can get to know whether the application is suitable for our server-based operating system. Server event tracking The server event tracking feature is a revolutionary feature in the server-based operating system that enabled the administrator to keep track and create accurate reports of the time that the server has logins before the server shutdown.

If a single user connected to the server disconnects and shuts down that would be recorded by the server event tracking in a log file. This will ensure that there is an accurate log maintained when it comes to the usage of the systems under the server.

The Maximum requirement on the standard server may go about 4GB. The hard disk space required is around 1. The Monitor requirements are that it must be a super VGA capable of supporting a resolution of X Make sure that you have the minimal number of requirements met before you proceed with the installation and it is always wise and smart to have a back up of all your system files in a hard disk.

The windows server R2 had a staggering Price Currency: USD Operating System: Windows Server Application Category:

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Windows server 2003 standard r2 best price price

Windows Server Standard R2 Price

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